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Are You A Damsel In Distress Or A Luigi?

Life has a way of being a royal pain in the arse. It can be soul-crushing. We know it because we’ve been there just like you: Dealing with the loo, clogged with our son’s doo-doo, Getting unnerved by the rising dishwater in the sink, that’s close to reaching the brink. It’s almost funny when things at home tend to break-down all at the same time. Almost funny. You’d notice the humour if you weren’t so busy having a nervous breakdown.

So What Do You Do When Your Life Seems To Be Crumbling?

Call the plumber? But they’re so expensive!! Call your partner begging for help? Whoops! You forgot it’s the 21st century and you’re strong, independent, and capable! Google DIY home remedies and quick fixes till you realise they ain’t worth a pretty penny. And when all else doesn’t work, you resort to your back-up plan, your one fail-safe: Listening to Celine Dion and crying in the shower.

The Silver Lining

Once the tears have dried and you decide to pick yourself up, you find Luigi’s products. Designed by fellow weepers like yourself who were tired of products not working, and were forced to innovate and come up with effective solutions for real people with real problems. Our solutions are for people who want to do something about their troubles, people who choose to be Luigis, and not damsels in distress.

Why We’re Better

Like you, we tried it all. Found hacks that worked, and others that didn’t. And we combined all the features that did work to develop ingenious, robust products with a stellar reputation for actually doing what they’re supposed to. Novel, innit?

Improve The Quality Of Your Life With An Arsenal Of Life Hacks That Actually Work

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our products not only work, they improve relationships.

Bold statement you say? Read our favourite Amazon customer review yourself:

My wife comes from a family of rock solid poopers and she is unfortunately no exception. Their family motto is Cogito Ergo Dump. While endearing at first, it soon became a problem as her favoured technique of prodding it with a coat hanger left our clothes in a crumpled heap on the floor. Her initial reluctance to use the plunger was soon overcome and I regularly see her pounding away at her latest release. Best anniversary present ever.

If our products don’t work for you, we want to know about it. After we get over our initial shock and dismay at that even being possible, we’ll look for better solutions for you or at worst, refund your money. That’s a guarantee.

Finding solutions for your problems, always,


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